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4080.CR & SRC - Ring & Carriage Slides

The Saibo Ring and Track Rail is machined from Cold Drawn, Induction Hardened Steel, manufactured in Germany. The rail is then Precision Ground on both running surfaces and mounting surfaces. This provides a high precision/quality rail with excellent wear resistance and hardness up to 62 HRC.

The LGV range is designed to work in dirty conditions, even at high speeds. Unlike regulating ball rails, the LGV system will not catastrophically fail, even when wear does occur. Maintenance/adjustability of the systems can be achieved by adjusting the Eccentric bearings to the required tolerance.

Specification Details:

  • Space Envelope Width:
    Carriage = 80mm/116mm
    Rail = 25mm/44mm
  • Height: 30.5mm/38.5mm
  • Length: 180-1530mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 6000 N
  • Number of beams: N/A
  • Extension Type: N/A
  • Material: Cold Drawn Induction Hardened Steel
  • Vibration Resistance: 10


Suitable For:

  • INDUSTRIAL STORAGE - museum and workplace storage, display cases, pull out storage
  • MACHINE BUILDS - Precision Positioning Systems, Handling Units
  • SAFETY GUARDING - sliding gates extending protective systems
  • SEATING – Sliding seats, seat extensions, arm rest adjustments
  • SLIDING DOORS & WINDOWS – internal sliding door and gates
  • SPECIAL VEHICLES - commercial and response, battery removal units, sliding hatches, sliding doors, sliding panels

The Ring and Track system includes a V Edge Ring Rail, Carriage Plate, Concentric Bearings, Eccentric Bearings and Lubricators. These components are designed to be interchangeable with all international standard suppliers.

V Edge Ring Rail: Manufactured from high quality bearing steel.  Deep hardened on the rails running surface for increased wear resistance. All surfaces including mount surfaces are ground for precision.

The 70° Double V running surfaces are ground together to ensure parallelism.  Wide range of standard sizes available to suit most applications. All ring rails can be cut into segments, to suite customers design.

Additionally, Double Edge ring segments can be combined with linear Double Edge Rails to create Track Systems

Concentric, Eccentric & Floating Bearings: Manufactured from high quality bearing steel.  Whole body hardened for high wear resistance.  Can be supplied as either Twin Double Row or Floating Bearings.

All bearings are supplied as standard with short fixing bolts, longer fixing bolts available on request.

Lubricated Wiper: The Lubricated felt wiper contacts the rails working surface to increase load capacity and life of the system. The felt wiper is pressed lightly by a small spring on to the rails working surface to ensure minimal friction. Lubricant is re-filled through a fill hole on back of the unit.

CAD - Carrier

CAD - Ring Rail - (4080.CR25.351.R360)

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Data Sheet & main product information -

4080.CR25 255 R90 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR25 255 R180 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR25 255 R270 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR25 255 R360 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR25 351 R90 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR25 351 R180 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR25 351 R270 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR25 351 R360 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.SRC25.255 - 3D STEP FILE -
4080.SRC25.255.FCC - Carrier

4080.SRC25.351 - 3D STEP FILE -
4080.SRC25.351.FCC - Carrier

4080.CR44 468 R90 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR44 468 R180 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR44 468 R270 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR44 468 R360 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR44 612 R90 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR44 612 R180 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR44 612 R270 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.CR44 612 R360 - 3D STEP FILE -

4080.SRC44.468 - 3D STEP FILE -
4080.SRC44.468.FCC - Carrier

4080.SRC44.612 - 3D STEP FILE -
4080.SRC44.612.FCC - Carrier

Industrial Storage

In-rack drawers and bespoke storage systems and assemblies

Museum Storage

The breadth of GSF's product range gives you an unparalled advantage when engineering solutions for unique storage systems that have to accomodate large irregular shaped artifacts or exhibits. Our experience with some of the more unusual high volume low load applications and environmentally sensitive storage conditions is available for you to call upon together with access to perhaps the widest range of sliding procuts in the world.

Correct selection and specification of the slide system will ensure maximisation of the space inside the storage or display unit while providing safe and secure access when required.

Workspace Storage

GSF offers a wide range of standardised products that are available direct from stock and which are most suitable for use in workspace desking, tool storage, assembly and operation stations. These products can be purchased free of restrictive minimum order quantities and charges.

Machine Building

The design and construction of speciialised operational machinery and machine guards. The excellent range of Saibo hardened linear rails are designed to be economical whilst offering exceptional service life required in machine guarding.


Specification and design of linear movement systems incorporating linear rails and telescopic slides for use in machine guarding applications and the design and installation of manufacturing, cargo handling and other situation specific plant and machinery.

In such industrial applications, reliability and robustness are key requirements. When incorporated into automated plant, movement precision is also vital. The load capacities indicated on our high-end range represent the maximum load that can be carried whilst causing a slide deflection at full extension of no more than 1% of the slide's closed length. This is a much higher and more rigorous standard than is typically used by others for measuring slide load capacities, as a results our customers have come to rely on Sliding System's products for their durability and strength.

Our range also includes slides that operate with ultra-high precision based on innovative roller bearing technology, and which are self aligning.

Our design team has the ability to offer all or any of these components when working alongside your own engineering team.

Safety Guarding

Saibo compact linear rails are ideal for Safety Guarding systems such as sliding gates or extending safety protective systems.

To find out how we can help with safety measures using Saibo rails contact us info@gsfslides.com

Seating Systems

Saibo compact linear rails are ideal for seating systems in all industries including vehicles, rail, aerospace – the rails and carriers are ideal for sliding seats, seat extensions, arm rest adjustments to name just a few applications.

.To find out how we can help with seating systems using Saibo rails contact us info@gsfslides.com

Sliding Doors & Windows

Saibo compact linear rails are ideal for sliding door and window systems and can be manufactured at various sizes to accommodate most applications.

To find out how we can help with sliding door and window using Saibo rails contact us info@gsfslides.com

Motor Manufacturing Plant

Telescopic Slide and Linear Rail components for lineside delivery and component handling systems

Automated Production Lines

Linear movement components and telescopic slides for use on repetition-intensive automated production lines. Components require a high resistance to localised wear patterns, uniform operating loads and designs capable of working at fast speeds with high accelerations.

Manually Operated

Linear rail and telescopic slide products for component delivery and handling at line-sideassembly stations.

The breadth of our product range gives you an unparalleled advantage when engineering solutions for delivery systems that have to accommodate large irregular shaped components or sub assemblies within space restricted line-side delivery stillages.

Correct selection and specification of the slide system will ensure maximisation of the space inside the delivery stillage and production efficiency while accommodating the natural variations of manual handling present in a time sensitive assembly environment.

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