Chassis Trak LBS-11-LO (23-66kg/pr) Lock Out

Our Chassis Trak slides are priced and sold per pair and not singularly. OEM discounts for scheduled orders please enquire.

Specification Details:

  • Space Envelope Width: 0.38" - 9.65mm
  • Height: 1.35" - 34.3mm
  • Closed Length: 254-787mm
  • Extension Length: 190mm - 572mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 23-66 kg/pair
  • Number of beams: 3
  • Extension Type: Partial
  • Material: Steel
  • Vibration Resistance: 3
  • Sold as a Pair


Suitable For:

  • DEFENCE - Airborne - Shipborne - Vehicles
  • ELECTRONICS - Mounting
  • INDUSTRIAL STORAGE - Museum & Workspace Storage
  • RV/MOTORHOME - Stowage & Sliding Drawers
  • SHOP FITTING - Sliding Units & Displays
  • SPECIAL VEHICLES - Commercial & Response Vehicles

Chassis Trak LBS-11-LO Partial Extension Slide With Lock Out Facility As Standard

1. LBS-11 consists of one set of two non-handed slides. Optional lock-out feature is available.

2. All slides are supplied with special (.094” max. head height) #8-32x3/8 Phillips pan head screws and self-locking nuts for mounting one set of slides. Use only these special screws when mounting through slide member to prevent internal damage to ball retainer. If mounting to cabinet rails, see cabinet mounting section for ball bearing slides.

3. LBS-11 does not disconnect.

4. Slide members are made from 14 gauge (.074) work hardened cold rolled steel.

5. Finish: clear zinc commercial plating.

6. Holes other than those shown may be in part at manufacture’s option.

7. Load capacity is based on one set of slides at full extension with load (center of gravity) centered between the slides and at midpoint of the slide (chassis section). Load capacities have a 100% (static load) safety factor at full extension. The slides will support more than the stated capacities but are not designed to be operated at capacities greater than those stated.

8. Grease applied to ball bearing slides has a temperature range of –45ºF to +350ºF.

9. Odd length slides available, contact factory for more information.

10. Other non-standard options which are available include: special marking, special extensions, special finishes, lock-in and complete design changes per customer request. Contact factory as these options will require a special reference number to assure receipt of specified options.

All General Devices slides are manufactured to order, so please allow 5-6 weeks, unless subscribed to our stockholding programme. 3D .stp files available on request.

Our Chassis Trak slides are priced and sold per pair and not singularly. OEM discounts for scheduled orders please enquire.


Closed Length (in)

Extension (in)

Max Load Capacity (kg)

4012.LBS11.010 10in 7.5in 66kg
4012.LBS11.012 12in 9in 63kg
4012.LBS11.014 14in 10.5in 59kg
4012.LBS11.016 16in 12in 54kg
4012.LBS11.018 18in 13.5in 50kg
4012.LBS11.020 20in 15in 43kg
4012.LBS11.022 22in 16.5in 39kg
4012.LBS11.024 24in 18in 36kg
4012.LBS11.026 26in 19.5in 32kg
4012.LBS11.028 28in 21in 27kg
4012.LBS11.030 30in 22.5in 23kg

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Data Sheet & main product information -

Installation Sheet -

4012.LBS11 - 254mm (10") - 3D STEP FILE - 4012.LBS11 length 254mm (10")

4012.LBS11 - 304mm (12") - 3D STEP FILE - 4012.LBS11 length 304mm (12")

4012.LBS11 - 356mm (14") - 3D STEP FILE - 4012.LBS11 length 356mm (14")

4012.LBS11 - 406mm (16") - 3D STEP FILE - 4012.LBS11 length 406mm (16")

4012.LBS11 - 457mm (18") - 3D STEP FILE - 4012.LBS11 length 457mm (18")

4012.LBS11 - 508mm (20") - 3D STEP FILE - 4012.LBS11 length 508mm (20")

4012.LBS11 - 559mm (22") - 3D STEP FILE - 4012.LBS11 length 559mm (22")

4012.LBS11 - 610mm (24") - 3D STEP FILE - 4012.LBS11 length 610mm (24")

4012.LBS11 - 660mm (26") - 3D STEP FILE - 4012.LBS11 length 660mm (26")

4012.LBS11 - 711mm (28") - 3D STEP FILE - 4012.LBS11 length 711mm (28")

4012.LBS11 - 762mm (30") - 3D STEP FILE - 4012.LBS11 length 762mm (30")


Ground, marine and air defence vehicle applications such as equipment stowage, mountings for weapon systems and racks for electronic systems

Ship Borne

Applications can range from slide based storage systems, lockers and furniture, through rack mounted electronic components, and onto operational and weapon systems requiring linear movement. If required products manufactured from high grade stainless steel can be supplied offering highest levels of corrosion resistance and low magnetic signatures.


Slides and bespoke sub-assemblies for mounting electronic and other equipment including weapon components on vehicles ranging from lightly armoured personnel vehicles (radio and other electronic components) through to battlefield tanks (internal storage, ammunition handling, slide-out generators and workstations).


Telescopic slides (full extension and over extension) for mounting electronics racks and components for maintenance and installation purposes.


For the mounting of electronics in non-standard environments, many different factors may need to be taken into account.  For example, when mounted in vehicles, the electronic components and the slide systems holding them in place have to be able to withstand vibration, impact, and dynamic forces caused by the movement of the vehicle itself.  In some cases, particularly military applications, the system may need to be designed to withstand damp, dusty and corrosive conditions as well.

GSF's long experience of specifying slides and systems for a vast array of non-standard applications constitutes possibly the most valuable resource available to you. To help ensure that your product performance criteria are fully satisfied a range of additional options are available for consideration - selection of base materials for the slide beams, cages and ball bearings, specification of corrosion resistant finishes, end-stops, locking mechanisms, double extensions, slide reinforcing and many more.

Effectivly, GSF can provide the most standard of solutions through to a totally bespoke slide design.

Industrial Storage

In-rack drawers and bespoke storage systems and assemblies

Museum Storage

The breadth of GSF's product range gives you an unparalled advantage when engineering solutions for unique storage systems that have to accomodate large irregular shaped artifacts or exhibits. Our experience with some of the more unusual high volume low load applications and environmentally sensitive storage conditions is available for you to call upon together with access to perhaps the widest range of sliding procuts in the world.

Correct selection and specification of the slide system will ensure maximisation of the space inside the storage or display unit while providing safe and secure access when required.

Workspace Storage

GSF offers a wide range of standardised products that are available direct from stock and which are most suitable for use in workspace desking, tool storage, assembly and operation stations. These products can be purchased free of restrictive minimum order quantities and charges.

Motor Manufacturing Plant

Telescopic Slide and Linear Rail components for lineside delivery and component handling systems

Automated Production Lines

Linear movement components and telescopic slides for use on repetition-intensive automated production lines. Components require a high resistance to localised wear patterns, uniform operating loads and designs capable of working at fast speeds with high accelerations.

Manually Operated

Linear rail and telescopic slide products for component delivery and handling at line-sideassembly stations.

The breadth of our product range gives you an unparalleled advantage when engineering solutions for delivery systems that have to accommodate large irregular shaped components or sub assemblies within space restricted line-side delivery stillages.

Correct selection and specification of the slide system will ensure maximisation of the space inside the delivery stillage and production efficiency while accommodating the natural variations of manual handling present in a time sensitive assembly environment.

RV & Motorhome

Shop Fitting & Display

The retail sector is increasingly becoming a shopping ‘experience’ therefore the fittings for such outlets are vital to fit the bill. With our full range of slides, we can help you achieve both design and functionality.

Our lighter duty slides are well suited for smaller drawers or applications where little load is applied when extended. If the project requirements are to move a wall from its original position to display goods a bottom mount slide might be more suitable due to space restrictions. The Fulterer Range of vertical pull out slides provides stability, load capacity as well as the sleek design required in current retail outfits. All slides in the Fulterer range are available in different finishes (white, grey and black) which can be supplied against MOQ’s.

Special & Commercial Vehicles

Our telescopic slides and tool mounts cover even the most demanding project for commercial vehicles. Smaller, lighter duty rolled steel or solid section slides from our General Devices range will suit a keyboard tray or a display screen, whereas cold drawn steel section slides will fit requirements for full vehicle extension such as mobile broadcast vehicles carrying several 1000kg’s.

With over 30 years of experience, we are more experienced than any other supplier and manufacturer to be able to advise of suitable and performing products.

Sliding Systems are an approved supplier for many prestigious and well-regarded manufacturers both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

With our flexible production facilities, we can accommodate any project and are pleased to assist with special requests whenever possible. Applications involving shock and vibration call for heavy duty, cold drawn steel section slides which we are also able to supply in 316L marine grade stainless steel. If weight or corrosion resistance are parameters that are important we suggest Aluminium T6 section slides, available in load capacities up to 330kg.

Outdoor applications can be fixed in place with specialist marine grade 316L hooks, which safely hold tool boxes or vehicle covers in place.

Response Vehicles

Roadside assistance and other categories of vehicle that need to stow and provide easy access to equipment can be enhanced through appropriate use of telescopic drawer slide and linear rail systems.

The twin requirements of operator safety and operational effectiveness are of paramount importance. GSF's ability to select and adapt from an unrivalled base product range, and its ability to assist with the design of bespoke and space-saving drawer systems enable us to make a significant contribution to your own product design.

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