Container Blue Slide INOX. All Stainless Steel 304 (70-227 kg/pair) - Pair Pricing

The Container INOX slide (CONSLX) has been developed for the emergency and commercial vehicle markets that demand extreme corrosion protection, which only stainless steel can guarantee.

The CONSLX is a lightweight, hollow section slide with pair loading up to 227kg at full extension. The slides are easy to fit with a multitude of fixing options available. Dimensions are for the closed length of the slide body.

Specification Details:

  • Space Envelope Width: 19.5mm
  • Height: 75.3mm
  • Closed Length: 304-1524mm
  • Extension Length: 304-1524mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 129-227 kg/pair
  • Number of beams: 3
  • Extension Type: Total
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304
  • Vibration Resistance: 3


Suitable For:

  • DEFENCE - Airborne - Shipborne - Vehicles
  • FIRE - Slide Drawers - Systems - Trays
  • FURNITURE - Architecture & Sliding Units
  • MACHINE BUILDING - Specialised Operational Machinery
  • SPECIAL VEHICLES - Commercial & Response Vehicles

The Container Blue fully locking slide (CONSLX) has been developed for the emergency and commercial vehicle markets that demand extreme corrosion protection, which only stainless steel can guarantee.

The CONSLX is the non-locking version of the CONBLX. This is a lightweight, hollow section slide with pair loading up to 227kg at full extension. The slides are easy to fit, and in non-locking format, are supplied un-handed. Dimensions are for the closed length of the slide body.

The slides are used in a wide variety of applications where low cost, non-corrosive,  components are required. They are most commonly used in utility truck drawers due to their ease of fitting and price point. For very wide drawers (up to 2,000mm), our external Double-D handle locks can be fitted. The slides have been tested to 50,000 cycles on full load. The slides are lightweight, with the 508mm (20") weighing only 2.5kg each. The stainless CONSLX and steel CONSLD slides do not have interchangeable mounting holes.

These telescopic slides are pre-drilled with a flexible fixing pattern enabling them to be ready-to-fit in most standard applications. Full details of the fixing patterns and lengths and loads are set out on the datasheet. Beams, bearings and latch are all manufactured from grade 304 (Inox 1.4301) stainless steel. The ball retainers, latch cover and end stop buffers are made from nylon. The slides are stocked across indicated lengths, covering key drawer dimensions. We aim to despatch same working day to all global destinations.

Prices and load ratings are per pair. Non-locking CONSLX are unhanded. Discounts for OEM volumes are available. Loads are stated at full extension when the slide is uniformly mounted on the direct axis (not flat). For applications involving excess shock & vibration we recommend our solid section stainless steel 316L SDTS slides in the Professional Range.


Closed Length (mm)

Extension (mm)

Max Load Capacity (kg)

4005.CONSLX.012 304mm 304mm 200kg
4005.CONSLX.014 356mm 356mm 200kg
4005.CONSLX.016 406mm 406mm 227kg
4005.CONSLX.018 457mm 457mm 227kg
4005.CONSLX.020 508mm 508mm 227kg
4005.CONSLX.022 559mm 559mm 220kg
4005.CONSLX.024 610mm 610mm 213kg
4005.CONSLX.026 660mm 660mm 206kg
4005.CONSLX.028 711mm 711mm 199kg
4005.CONSLX.030 762mm 762mm 192kg
4005.CONSLX.032 812mm 812mm 185kg
4005.CONSLX.034 864mm 864mm 178kg
4005.CONSLX.036 914mm 914mm 171kg
4005.CONSLX.038 965mm 965mm 164kg
4005.CONSLX.040 1016mm 1016mm 157kg
4005.CONSLX.042 1067mm 1067mm 150kg
4005.CONSLX.044 1118mm 1118mm 143kg
4005.CONSLX.046 1168mm 1168mm 136kg
4005.CONSLX.048 1219mm 1219mm 129kg
4005.CONSLX.050 1270mm 1270mm 120kg
4005.CONSLX.052 1321mm 1321mm 110kg
4005.CONSLX.054 1372mm 1372mm 100kg
4005.CONSLX.056 1422mm 1422mm 90kg
4005.CONSLX.058 1473mm 11473mm 80kg
4005.CONSLX.060 1524mm 1524mm 70kg

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Data Sheet & main product information -

2D Datasheet -

4005.CONSLX - 304mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 304mm (12")

4005.CONSLX - 356mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 356mm (14")

4005.CONSLX - 406mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 406mm (16")

4005.CONSLX - 457mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 457mm (18")

4005.CONSLX - 508mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 508mm (20")

4005.CONSLX - 559mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 559mm (22")

4005.CONSLX - 610mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 610mm (24")

4005.CONSLX - 660mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 660mm (26")

4005.CONSLX - 711mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 711mm (28")

4005.CONSLX - 762mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 762mm (30")

4005.CONSLX - 812mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 812mm (32")

4005.CONSLX - 864mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 864mm (34")

4005.CONSLX - 914mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 914mm (36")

4005.CONSLX - 965mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 965mm (38")

4005.CONSLX - 1016mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 1016mm (40")

4005.CONSLX - 1067mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 1067mm (42")

4005.CONSLX - 1117mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 1117mm (44")

4005.CONSLX - 1168mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 1168mm (46")

4005.CONSLX - 1219mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 1219mm (48")

4005.CONSLX - 1270mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 1270mm (50")

4005.CONSLX - 1321mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 1321mm (52")

4005.CONSLX - 1374mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 1374mm (54")

4005.CONSLX - 1422mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 1422mm (56")

4005.CONSLX - 1473mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 1473mm (58")

4005.CONSLX - 1524mm - 3D STEP File
4005.CONSLX length 1524mm (60")

DWG Files -

4005.CONSLX 2D DWG File


Ground, marine and air defence vehicle applications such as equipment stowage, mountings for weapon systems and racks for electronic systems

Ship Borne

Applications can range from slide based storage systems, lockers and furniture, through rack mounted electronic components, and onto operational and weapon systems requiring linear movement. If required products manufactured from high grade stainless steel can be supplied offering highest levels of corrosion resistance and low magnetic signatures.


Slides and bespoke sub-assemblies for mounting electronic and other equipment including weapon components on vehicles ranging from lightly armoured personnel vehicles (radio and other electronic components) through to battlefield tanks (internal storage, ammunition handling, slide-out generators and workstations).


Equipment stowage components and systems as installed on fire engines

Slide Drawers

Solid section steel slides lengths from 300mm to 2,000mm for pull-out equipment drawers. Extensions from 50% to 150% of closed length can be supplied, in addition slide systems that offer sequential dual extension with bi-directional travel allowing the drawer to extened from either side of the vehicle. This enables rescue crews to access vital equipment quickly and safely, regardless of the vehicle's orientation to the emergency scene.


Our range of reinforced heavy duty steel slides fitted with additional ball tracks and reinforceing ball bearings are ideally suited for use in some of the more unique applications. Together with a range of slides designed using a rigid "I" beam construction our products offer execelent performance under conditions that may exert high direct and tortional loadings as experienced in such applications as pull-out equipment boards and vertical shelves.


Following extensive testing on selected models our slides are used by the U.K.'s leading producers of complete equipment carriers. These complete tray systems are ready for quick installation, including bespoke mountings for specialist equipment such as auxilliary pumps, tools, hoses and rescue equipment.

Lock-in and lock-out mechanisms facilitate quick and safe operation of the equipment carrier, as well as hold the fully-loaded drawer securely in position when the vehicle is in motion or at the scene.

Furniture & Architecture

We are delighted to be able to advise our customers on the most diverse projects possible.

One day we could be talking to an ambitious DIY customer who wants to install a removable console tray in his game room and the next project could be a whole building interior refurbishment destined for micro flats. Whilst each project represents different challenges and requirements we are confident in finding a suitable slide or linear rail.

Standard furniture fittings will suit the Thomas Regout or Fulterer range of rolled steel slides and linear rail. Whereas high end architectural furniture design may call for aluminium drawer slides, such as the 8027/8028 or the aluminium T6 slide from our professional range.

To suit yacht interior design, we can supply Viadana chandlery and stainless steel 316L telescopic slides.

Machine Building

The design and construction of speciialised operational machinery and machine guards. The excellent range of Saibo hardened linear rails are designed to be economical whilst offering exceptional service life required in machine guarding.


Specification and design of linear movement systems incorporating linear rails and telescopic slides for use in machine guarding applications and the design and installation of manufacturing, cargo handling and other situation specific plant and machinery.

In such industrial applications, reliability and robustness are key requirements. When incorporated into automated plant, movement precision is also vital. The load capacities indicated on our high-end range represent the maximum load that can be carried whilst causing a slide deflection at full extension of no more than 1% of the slide's closed length. This is a much higher and more rigorous standard than is typically used by others for measuring slide load capacities, as a results our customers have come to rely on Sliding System's products for their durability and strength.

Our range also includes slides that operate with ultra-high precision based on innovative roller bearing technology, and which are self aligning.

Our design team has the ability to offer all or any of these components when working alongside your own engineering team.

Special & Commercial Vehicles

Our telescopic slides and tool mounts cover even the most demanding project for commercial vehicles. Smaller, lighter duty rolled steel or solid section slides from our General Devices range will suit a keyboard tray or a display screen, whereas cold drawn steel section slides will fit requirements for full vehicle extension such as mobile broadcast vehicles carrying several 1000kg’s.

With over 30 years of experience, we are more experienced than any other supplier and manufacturer to be able to advise of suitable and performing products.

Sliding Systems are an approved supplier for many prestigious and well-regarded manufacturers both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

With our flexible production facilities, we can accommodate any project and are pleased to assist with special requests whenever possible. Applications involving shock and vibration call for heavy duty, cold drawn steel section slides which we are also able to supply in 316L marine grade stainless steel. If weight or corrosion resistance are parameters that are important we suggest Aluminium T6 section slides, available in load capacities up to 330kg.

Outdoor applications can be fixed in place with specialist marine grade 316L hooks, which safely hold tool boxes or vehicle covers in place.

Response Vehicles

Roadside assistance and other categories of vehicle that need to stow and provide easy access to equipment can be enhanced through appropriate use of telescopic drawer slide and linear rail systems.

The twin requirements of operator safety and operational effectiveness are of paramount importance. GSF's ability to select and adapt from an unrivalled base product range, and its ability to assist with the design of bespoke and space-saving drawer systems enable us to make a significant contribution to your own product design.

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