4080.TCA-43 Compact Slider. Alloy Body & Wiper. Rad/Load 5515-8800 N

The Saibo Compact Linear Rail System is designed for industrial applications requiring speed and precision.
A standard Slider (also known as carriers) consists of a three bearing arrangement, with the two end bearing being concentric and the third central bearing being eccentric,
this allows for alignment adjustment and the setting of preloads.

Sliders are available in 3, 4 and 5 bearing configurations. All sliders come with felt wipers for lubrication of the system, as standard.
We presently have sliders to suit sizes 28 and 43mm profiles, with 35mm to follow in 2020.

Detalles de la especificación:

  • Space Envelope Width: 37mm
  • Height: 43mm
  • Rail Length: 240-1920mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity:
    5515-6540N per slider
  • Number of beams: N/A
  • Extension Type: N/A
  • Material: Anodised Aluminium Alloy
  • Vibration Resistance: 10


Adecuado para:

  • INDUSTRIAL STORAGE - museum and workplace storage, display cases, pull out storage
  • MACHINE BUILDS - Precision Positioning Systems, Handling Units
  • SAFETY GUARDING - sliding gates extending protective systems
  • SEATING – Sliding seats, seat extensions, arm rest adjustments
  • SLIDING DOORS & WINDOWS – internal sliding door and gates
  • SPECIAL VEHICLES - commercial and response, battery removal units, sliding hatches, sliding doors, sliding panels

Los rieles lineales y deslizadores compactos Saibo están diseñados para aplicaciones industriales que requieren velocidad y precisión. El diseño compacto del riel fijo se logra rectificando y endureciendo por inducción las pistas de rodamiento, esto proporciona una alta durabilidad, precisión y velocidad de operación.

Todas las pistas de rodamientos de acero Saibo están endurecidas por inducción a 58+4 HRC, similar a la de los rodamientos, lo que permite fuerzas de desplazamiento muy bajas, pero con una mayor aceleración longitudinal, además de las pistas de rodamiento son endurecidas por inducción, las vigas de zinc negro tienen una protección mejorada contra la corrosión de 20 µm que cumple con RoHS y REACH. El proceso de fabricación está controlado por ISO9001/2015.

The mobile sliders (also known as carriers) have various mounting options, with 3, 4 or 5 bearing configurations to maximise performance. The slider body is manufactured from high grade aluminium alloy with anodised surface treatment. The precision bearings are sealed, with centrally mounted eccentric tolerance adjustment. This produces high loading, low noise, excellent rigidity and stable performance, even at the highest speeds.

The durability and excellent wear resistance of Saibo linear rails makes them ideal for applications such as train doors, automated machine guards and robotic precision pick & place. We presently have 28 and 43mm profiles, with 35mm to follow in 2020. Saibo telescopic slides & linear rails are designed as an economical drop-in replacement for current European manufactured product without compromising quality or performance.

  • Canalizaciones rectificadas y endurecidas por inducción a 58+4 HRCTaşlanmış kanallar ve 58+4 HRC'ye kadar indüksiyonla sertleştirilmiş
  • Zinc negro con protección contra la corrosión de 20 µm
  • Profundidad de endurecimiento: Min 0,8 mm
  • Max operating speed: TV28 -5m/s TV43 -7m/s
  • Aceleración máxima: 15 m/s
  • Temperatura operativa máxima: 120 grados C
  • Rails can be joined at achieve longer travel
  • Limpiadores de lubricacion con almohadilla en los soportes
  • Ajuste de precarga mediante el perno excéntrico central
  • Recomendamos que se utilicen topes externos durante el funcionamiento.

Available ex-stock, usually on a same day despatch, the rails are supplied without end stops as standard. Upon customer request, we can manufacture these to drawing.

TV28 (or TV43) Rail & Carriers can be purchased online for global delivery by following this link to our web-shop

CAD - Slider

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Ficha técnica e información principal del producto -

4080.TCA43 - 3D STEP FILE -
4080.TCA43 STEP File

4080.TCA43.3.A - Carrier - 3D STEP FILE -
4080.TCA43.3.A – Carrier

4080.TCA43.5.A - Carrier - 3D STEP FILE -
4080.TCA43.5.A - Carrier

4080.TCA43.5.B - Carrier - 3D STEP FILE -
4080.TCA43.5.B - Carrier

4080.TCA43 - 3D DWG FILE -
4080.TCA43 DWG File

Alamcenamiento Industrial

In-rack drawers and bespoke storage systems and assemblies

Museum Storage

The breadth of GSF's product range gives you an unparalled advantage when engineering solutions for unique storage systems that have to accomodate large irregular shaped artifacts or exhibits. Our experience with some of the more unusual high volume low load applications and environmentally sensitive storage conditions is available for you to call upon together with access to perhaps the widest range of sliding procuts in the world.

Correct selection and specification of the slide system will ensure maximisation of the space inside the storage or display unit while providing safe and secure access when required.

Workspace Storage

GSF offers a wide range of standardised products that are available direct from stock and which are most suitable for use in workspace desking, tool storage, assembly and operation stations. These products can be purchased free of restrictive minimum order quantities and charges.

Maquinaria de Contruccion

The design and construction of specialised operational machinery and machine guards. The excellent range of Saibo hardened linear rails are designed to be economical whilst offering exceptional service life required in machine guarding.


Especificación y diseño de sistemas de movimiento lineal que incorporan guías lineales y guías telescópicas para su uso en aplicaciones de protección de máquinas y en el diseño e instalación de plantas y maquinaria de fabricación, manipulación de cargas y otras situaciones específicas.

En este tipo de aplicaciones industriales, la fiabilidad y la robustez son requisitos fundamentales. Cuando se incorporan a instalaciones automatizadas, la precisión del movimiento también es vital. Las capacidades de carga indicadas en nuestra gama de gama alta representan la carga máxima que puede soportarse provocando una desviación de la guía en extensión completa no superior al 1% de la longitud cerrada de la guía. Se trata de una norma mucho más estricta y rigurosa que la utilizada normalmente por otros para medir las capacidades de carga de las guías, por lo que nuestros clientes confían en los productos de Sliding System por su durabilidad y resistencia.

Nuestra gama también incluye guías que funcionan con altísima precisión gracias a la innovadora tecnología de rodamientos de rodillos, y que son autoalineables.

Nuestro equipo de diseño tiene capacidad para ofrecer todos o cualquiera de estos componentes cuando trabaja junto a su propio equipo de ingeniería.

Safety Guarding

Saibo compact linear rails are ideal for Safety Guarding systems such as sliding gates or extending safety protective systems.

To find out how we can help with safety measures using Saibo rails contact us info@gsfslides.com

Seating Systems

Saibo compact linear rails are ideal for seating systems in all industries including vehicles, rail, aerospace – the rails and carriers are ideal for sliding seats, seat extensions, arm rest adjustments to name just a few applications.

.To find out how we can help with seating systems using Saibo rails contact us info@gsfslides.com

Sliding Doors & Windows

Saibo compact linear rails are ideal for sliding door and window systems and can be manufactured at various sizes to accommodate most applications.

To find out how we can help with sliding door and window using Saibo rails contact us info@gsfslides.com

Motor Manufacturing Plant

Telescopic Slide and Linear Rail components for lineside delivery and component handling systems

Automated Production Lines

Linear movement components and telescopic slides for use on repetition-intensive automated production lines. Components require a high resistance to localised wear patterns, uniform operating loads and designs capable of working at fast speeds with high accelerations.

Manually Operated

Linear rail and telescopic slide products for component delivery and handling at line-sideassembly stations.

The breadth of our product range gives you an unparalleled advantage when engineering solutions for delivery systems that have to accommodate large irregular shaped components or sub assemblies within space restricted line-side delivery stillages.

Correct selection and specification of the slide system will ensure maximisation of the space inside the delivery stillage and production efficiency while accommodating the natural variations of manual handling present in a time sensitive assembly environment.

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