4015.OWST100 (Telescopic Slide) - OWST-100 (670-1750kg) Partial Extension Bi-Directional

Bu OWST-100 is a rugged slide fitted to extend partially front & rear, which has been designed for load maximisation from a small space envelope. Particularly suited to bi-directional aircraft wing production platforms and airport handling equipment, where access is required front and rear. It has a wide range of applications where torsional strength is paramount. OWST slides can be mounted to operate as a pair from a stowed position when fully extended. This provides 100% full travel as the inner beam traverses through the central position and back out to the rear. The datasheet states this dual extension equal to the slide’s closed length. However, typical usage is 50% travel to the front and rear from the central position when closed.

Şartname Detayları:

  • Space Envelope Width: 24mm
  • Height: 100mm
  • Closed Length: 300-2000mm
  • Extension Length: 150-1000mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 670-1750 kg/pair
  • Number of beams: 2
  • Extension Type: Partial Bi-Directional
  • Material: Zinc plated steel
  • Vibration Resistance: 9


İçin uygundur:

  • SAVUNMA - Hava İndirme - Gemiler - Araçlar
  • YANGIN - Kızaklı Çekmeceler - Sistemler - Tepsiler
  • FOOD TRUCK - Stowage & Sliding Drawers
  • RV/MOTORHOME - Stowage & Sliding Drawers
  • SHOP FITTING - Sliding & Display Units
  • SPECIAL VEHICLES - Coachbuilding - Response Vehicles
  • TRAINS - Battery Rafts - Doors - Seating

Bu OWST-100 is a rugged slide fitted to extend partially front & rear, which has been designed for load maximisation from a small space envelope. Particularly suited to bi-directional aircraft wing production platforms and airport handling equipment, where access is required front and rear. It has a wide range of applications where torsional strength is paramount. OWST slides can be mounted to operate as a pair from a stowed position when fully extended. This provides 100% full travel as the inner beam traverses through the central position and back out to the rear. The datasheet states this dual extension equal to the slide’s closed length. However, typical usage is 50% travel to the front and rear from the central position when closed.

The OWST-100 is an extreme load/duty 50% extension slide (670-1,750 kg/pair)At 550mm, 1 pair has a travel of 275mm in each direction, with a load capacity of 1,670 kg. Constructed from cold drawn steel sections and precision milled ball tracks, the OWST-100 telescopic slide has a excellent level of resistance to shock and vibration when supporting a static load in the closed position. Accordingly this drawer runner is well suited to mounting within vehicles. This telescopic slide offers a compact design for the high load capacity. The slide also has good resistance to applied loads when in the extended position making it an excellent choice for dynamic applications and manually operated systems.

Bu OWST-100 drawer slide may also be fitted in the minor axis (flat). However, the load capacity will be reduced by 60-80% of the stated loading. It can be supplied with a 70% extension which will reduce the load slightly. Please consult our sales engineers for this no cost option. We do not recommend standard OWST slides on accurate robotic pick & place or high speed shuttles, without factory adaptation and customer in situ testing, prior to committing to production. The slides are limited to operational speeds of <0.3m/s

The production process is ISO9001-2015 accredited. Our steel telescopic slides are manufactured from cold drawn steel C45E+C in accordance with EN 10277. Laser cut ball cages are manufactured from zinc plated sheet metal, and the ball bearings are carbon steel C85 G100 in accordance with DIN 5401. Standard Professional Range steel slides are RoHS & REACH certified to withstand over 1,000 hours corrosion protection, until the appearance of red rust. This is due to the investment made in our own state of the art electrolytic alkaline zinc processing facility. Core steel C45 E+C, with a layer depth of 10-12 microns conforming to DIN EN ISO 9227 neutral salt spray testing. No white rust appearance within 120 hours. No red rust within 1,032 hours.

An individual slide weighs 17.26 kg per metre.

The OWST-100 can be purchased online for global delivery by following this link.

Prices are per single slide. Loadings are given per extended pair. There are two slides per pair. The OWST-100 are manufactured to order. Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery, or can be stocked for immediate call off against scheduled orders.


kapalı uzunluk (mm)

Uzatma (mm)

Maksimum Yük Kapasitesi (kg)

4015.OWST100.0300 300mm 150mm 1410kg
4015.OWST100.0350 350mm 175mm 1450kg
4015.OWST100.0400 400mm 200mm 1510kg
4015.OWST100.0450 450mm 225mm 1570kg
4015.OWST100.0500 500mm 250mm 1630kg
4015.OWST100.0550 550mm 275mm 1670kg
4015.OWST100.0600 600mm 300mm 1700kg
4015.OWST100.0650 650mm 325mm 1730kg
4015.OWST100.0700 700mm 350mm 1750kg
4015.OWST100.0750 750mm 375mm 1690kg
4015.OWST100.0800 800mm 400mm 1630kg
4015.OWST100.0850 850mm 425mm 1550kg
4015.OWST100.0900 900mm 450mm 1480kg
4015.OWST100.0950 950mm 475mm 1420kg
4015.OWST100.1000 1000mm 500mm 1360kg
4015.OWST100.1050 1050mm 525mm 1320kg
4015.OWST100.1100 1100mm 550mm 1260kg
4015.OWST100.1150 1150mm 575mm 1200kg
4015.OWST100.1200 1200mm 600mm 1150kg
4015.OWST100.1250 1250mm 625mm 1100kg
4015.OWST100.1300 1300mm 650mm 1070kg
4015.OWST100.1350 1350mm 675mm 1050kg
4015.OWST100.1400 1400mm 700mm 1030kg
4015.OWST100.1450 1450mm 725mm 1010kg
4015.OWST100.1500 1500mm 750mm 980kg
4015.OWST100.1550 1550mm 775mm 950kg
4015.OWST100.1600 1600mm 800mm 920kg
4015.OWST100.1650 1650mm 825mm 880kg
4015.OWST100.1700 1700mm 850mm 840kg
4015.OWST100.1750 1750mm 875mm 810kg
4015.OWST100.1800 1800mm 900mm 780kg
4015.OWST100.1850 1850mm 925mm 750kg
4015.OWST100.1900 1900mm 950mm 720kg
4015.OWST100.1950 1950mm 975mm 700kg
4015.OWST100.2000 2000mm 1000mm 670kg

İndirmeler Erişim

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Veri Sayfası ve ana ürün bilgileri -

Technical Description & Maintenance -

OWST100 length 300mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 300mm

OWST100 length 350mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 350mm

OWST100 length 400mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 400mm

OWST100 length 450mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 450mm

OWST100 length 500mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 500mm

OWST100 length 550mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 550mm

OWST100 length 600mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 600mm

OWST100 length 650mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 650mm

OWST100 length 700mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 700mm

OWST100 length 750mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 750mm

OWST100 length 800mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 800mm

OWST100 length 850mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 850mm

OWST100 length 900mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 900mm

OWST100 length 950mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 950mm

OWST100 length 1000mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1000mm

OWST100 length 1050mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1050mm

OWST100 length 1100mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1100mm

OWST100 length 1150mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1150mm

OWST100 length 1200mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1200mm

OWST100 length 1250mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1250mm

OWST100 length 1300mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1300mm

OWST100 length 1350mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1350mm

OWST100 length 1400mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1400mm

OWST100 length 1450mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1450mm

OWST100 length 1500mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1500mm

OWST100 length 1550mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1550mm

OWST100 length 1600mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1600mm

OWST100 length 1650mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1650mm

OWST100 length 1700mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1700mm

OWST100 length 1750mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1750mm

OWST100 length 1800mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1800mm

OWST100 length 1850mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1850mm

OWST100 length 1900mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1900mm

OWST100 length 1950mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 1950mm

OWST100 length 2000mm- 3D STEP FILE - 4015.OWST100 length 2000mm


Ekipman istifleme, silah sistemleri için montajlar ve elektronik sistemler için raflar gibi kara, deniz ve hava savunma aracı uygulamaları


Uygulamalar kızak tabanlı depolama sistemleri, dolaplar ve mobilyalardan raf montajlı elektronik bileşenlere ve doğrusal hareket gerektiren operasyonel ve silah sistemlerine kadar uzanabilir. Gerekirse, en yüksek düzeyde korozyon direnci ve düşük manyetik izler sunan yüksek dereceli paslanmaz çelikten imal edilmiş ürünler tedarik edilebilir.


Hafif zırhlı personel araçlarından (telsiz ve diğer elektronik bileşenler) savaş tanklarına (dahili depolama, mühimmat taşıma, sürgülü jeneratörler ve iş istasyonları) kadar çeşitli araçlara silah bileşenleri de dahil olmak üzere elektronik ve diğer ekipmanların montajı için kızaklar ve ısmarlama alt montajlar.


İtfaiye araçlarına monte edilen ekipman istifleme bileşenleri ve sistemleri

Kızaklı Çekmeceler

Çekmeceli ekipman çekmeceleri için 300 mm'den 2.000 mm'ye kadar uzunluklarda masif kesitli çelik kızaklar. Kapalı uzunluğun 'sinden 0'sine kadar uzatmalar sağlanabilir, ayrıca çekmecenin aracın her iki tarafından da uzatılmasına olanak tanıyan çift yönlü hareket ile sıralı çift uzatma sunan sürgü sistemleri de temin edilebilir. Bu sayede kurtarma ekipleri, aracın acil durum mahalline olan yöneliminden bağımsız olarak hayati ekipmanlara hızlı ve güvenli bir şekilde erişebilir.


Ek bilyalı raylar ve takviye bilyalı rulmanlarla donatılmış güçlendirilmiş ağır hizmet tipi çelik kızak serimiz, bazı benzersiz uygulamalarda kullanım için idealdir. Rijit bir "I" kiriş yapısı kullanılarak tasarlanan bir dizi kızakla birlikte ürünlerimiz, çekilebilir ekipman panoları ve dikey raflar gibi uygulamalarda karşılaşıldığı gibi yüksek doğrudan ve burulma yükleri uygulayabilecek koşullar altında üstün performans sunar.


Seçilen modeller üzerinde yapılan kapsamlı testlerin ardından kızaklarımız Birleşik Krallık'ın önde gelen komple ekipman taşıyıcıları üreticileri tarafından kullanılmaktadır. Bu eksiksiz tepsi sistemleri, yardımcı pompalar, aletler, hortumlar ve kurtarma ekipmanları gibi özel ekipmanlar için ısmarlama montajlar da dahil olmak üzere hızlı kurulum için hazırdır.

Kilitleme ve kilitleme mekanizmaları, ekipman taşıyıcının hızlı ve güvenli bir şekilde çalıştırılmasını kolaylaştırır ve araç hareket halindeyken veya olay yerindeyken tam yüklü çekmeceyi güvenli bir şekilde yerinde tutar.

Food Truck - Mobile Catering

İster tam bir yan römork uzantısı ister Vespa Ape'nin arkasından küçük bir kahve makinesi tepsisi inşa etmek isteyin, sizin için doğru kızağa sahibiz. Özel mobil askeri konuşlandırma ikram ünitelerinden pazarcı uygulamalarına kadar, bunu gerçekleştirecek bilgiye sahibiz.

Biz 30 yılı aşkın bir süredir faaliyet gösteren özel bir şirketiz ve kızaklarımız ve alet takımlarımız yiyecek içecek ve konaklama endüstrisindeki olası tüm uygulamaları kapsamaktadır.

Uzmanlık alanımız, catering römorklarına ve tam van dönüşümlerine uygun ısmarlama teleskopik kızaklardır.

If you require a light load slide we suggest using our standard rolled steel slides covered in this section, for larger full vehicle conversions up to 2000kg we recommend our cold drawn steel section I beam heavy duty slides. The rigidity and strength of the material used in the manufacture, without use of plastic components, make the slides appropriate for heavy duty usage which demand resistance to shock and vibration.

Teleskopik kızak projesine ek olarak, boruları veya diğer aletleri sabitlemek için yardımcı ekipmanlar tedarik ediyoruz.

Our Fulterer range kızakların NSF gıda sınıfı spesifikasyonlarına uygun olması, çekmece kızaklarımızın gıda ile doğrudan temas edecek şekilde monte edilmesini sağlar.

Motor Manufacturing Plant

Telescopic Slide and Linear Rail components for lineside delivery and component handling systems

Automated Production Lines

Linear movement components and telescopic slides for use on repetition-intensive automated production lines. Components require a high resistance to localised wear patterns, uniform operating loads and designs capable of working at fast speeds with high accelerations.

Manually Operated

Linear rail and telescopic slide products for component delivery and handling at line-sideassembly stations.

The breadth of our product range gives you an unparalleled advantage when engineering solutions for delivery systems that have to accommodate large irregular shaped components or sub assemblies within space restricted line-side delivery stillages.

Correct selection and specification of the slide system will ensure maximisation of the space inside the delivery stillage and production efficiency while accommodating the natural variations of manual handling present in a time sensitive assembly environment.

RV & Motorhome

Mağaza Donanımı ve Teşhir

The retail sector is increasingly becoming a shopping ‘experience’ therefore the fittings for such outlets are vital to fit the bill. With our full range of slides, we can help you achieve both design and functionality.

Our lighter duty slides are well suited for smaller drawers or applications where little load is applied when extended. If the project requirements are to move a wall from its original position to display goods a bottom mount slide might be more suitable due to space restrictions. The Fulterer Range of vertical pull out slides provides stability, load capacity as well as the sleek design required in current retail outfits. All slides in the Fulterer range are available in different finishes (white, grey and black) which can be supplied against MOQ’s.

Özel ve Ticari Araçlar

Teleskopik kızaklarımız ve alet bağlantılarımız ticari araçlar için en zorlu projeleri bile kapsamaktadır. Genel Cihazlar serimizdeki daha küçük, daha hafif hizmet tipi haddelenmiş çelik veya yekpare kesitli kızaklar bir klavye tepsisine veya bir ekrana uyarken, soğuk çekilmiş çelik kesitli kızaklar birkaç 1000 kg taşıyan mobil yayın araçları gibi tam araç uzatma gereksinimlerine uyacaktır.

30 yılı aşkın deneyimimizle, uygun ve performanslı ürünler konusunda tavsiyelerde bulunabilmek için diğer tüm tedarikçi ve üreticilerden daha deneyimliyiz.

Sliding Systems, hem Birleşik Krallık'ta hem de yurtdışında birçok prestijli ve saygın üretici için onaylı bir tedarikçidir.

Esnek üretim tesislerimizle her türlü projeye uyum sağlayabilir ve mümkün olan her durumda özel taleplere yardımcı olmaktan memnuniyet duyarız. Şok ve titreşim içeren uygulamalar, 316L denizcilik sınıfı paslanmaz çelik olarak da tedarik edebildiğimiz ağır hizmet tipi, soğuk çekilmiş çelik profil kızakları gerektirir. Ağırlık veya korozyon direnci önemli parametreler ise, 330 kg'a kadar yük kapasitelerinde mevcut olan Alüminyum T6 profil kızakları öneriyoruz.

Dış mekan uygulamaları, alet kutularını veya araç kapaklarını güvenli bir şekilde yerinde tutan özel deniz sınıfı 316L kancalarla yerine sabitlenebilir.

Müdahale Araçları

Teleskopik çekmece kızağı ve lineer ray sistemlerinin uygun kullanımı ile yol yardımı ve ekipmana kolay erişim sağlaması gereken diğer araç kategorileri geliştirilebilir.

Operatör güvenliği ve operasyonel etkinliğin ikiz gereklilikleri büyük önem taşımaktadır. GSF'nin rakipsiz temel ürün yelpazesinden seçim yapma ve uyarlama yeteneği ile ısmarlama ve yerden tasarruf sağlayan çekmece sistemlerinin tasarımına yardımcı olma becerisi, kendi ürün tasarımınıza önemli bir katkıda bulunmamızı sağlar.


From heavy duty under-train battery rafts to high-repeat door systems and, increasingly, sliding seat systems, Sliding Systems has products that suit all of these applications

Battery Rafts

Heavy duty specialist slide components for mounting under-train battery rafts. The slides must, like the carriage as a whole, comply with crash testing criteria and, as high speed trains become ever more prevalent, there is an increasing requirement that the slides are able to hold heavy battery sets in position despite large dynamic loads.

Battery bays can also house a corrosive atmosphere over long periods, and therefore careful specification of corrosion resistant finishes are required. The nitration option available onour relevant product range provides this resistance as well as considerably strengthening the surface structure of the slide itself.

To facilitate ease of fitting and maintenance, GSF is able to design bespoke fitting brackets including, for example, positioning pins.

Despite improvements to train suspensions, running with metal wheels on metal tracks also makes vibration and shock relevant issues to consider in slide design. Finally, as battery rafts constitute one of the heaviest loads typically mounted on slides, careful consideration is required to the consequent force required to push-in or pull-out the battery raft and the strength and shock-reduction characteristics of the end stops. These are all critical factors that should direct the slide specification.


The use of telescopic slides or linear rails to mount train doors requires a product able to deal with both the dynamic loads and crash survival criteria that are inevitably relevant to train-based applications. In addition the components have to operate reliably and with low maintenance requirements over a very high number of repetitions. Doors on underground trains are required typically to open and close up to 20 times an hour day after day over the working life of the carriage.

To withstand such a high level of repetitions, the ball bearings and the associated ball track tracks need to be hardened to resist pitting and corrosion. Cold drawn steel slides also perform better over time, as the slide profile is less prone to long term profile deformation than is the case for cold rolled profiles.


Train operators are increasingly offering adjustable seating in first class passenger compartments. Simplicity and durability are key determinants of which linear rail and slide components will work successfully in ensuring that the seat operates reliably as intended and without a requirement for maintenance activity.

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